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Streamlining blockchain and DeFi accessibility.

Cod3x’s AI-powered translation layer gives everyday users the capabilities of experienced operators – if you can think it, Cod3x can do it.

Agentic Interface

Cod3x leverages Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and a fine-tuned Large Language Model (LLM) to process actionable insights and deliver accurate data to users swiftly and securely.

Automatic, Intuitive Transaction
Building & Execution

Users can enjoy sophisticated DeFi strategies, AI-augmented trading execution, and single-click deployments from an intuitive, elegant interface.

Wallet & Chain Abstraction

Users onboard in seconds and enjoy seamless interaction with EVM, Solana, Bitcoin, and Cosmos-based chains.

Insight Universe

Complexity is simplified in plain language with data visualization, advanced filtering and an engaging UI, with an AI assistant to guide every step.

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Building Alongside Leading Web3 Organizations

Our Protocols

Cod3x isn’t just an application layer, it’s a thriving ecosystem of protocols.